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Kol Tavnit: Prayers for the Gods
A joint project with musician Talia Yona Kliger, for the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem.

Curated by Shira Friedman, as part of the exhibition Digging Down: Art of the Pre-Future.
Concept, Illustrations and lyrics: Assi Meshullam
Composing, performing and mixing: Talia Yona Kliger
Mastering: Shay Moshe
Graphic Design: Liron Golan Wasserman

Kol Tavnit Logo.jpg

Kol Tavnit project includes seven prayers to seven gods and goddesses from around the Middle East, whose material representations (figurines, reliefs, etc.) are on display at the Biblical Lands Museum in Jerusalem. The project was created as part of the exhibition Digging Down: Art of the Pre-Future, curated by Shira Friedman, which shows dozens of works of contemporary art throughout the archaeological permanent exhibition on display at the museum.

The deities were chosen according to their nature, character and "fields of responsibility". I wanted there to be a representation of the different ancient cultures in the region of the Fertile Crescent, and especially to have a representation of the significant traits that these deities represent, and that can be connected to our present life today. Each and every one of the entities I have chosen to engage with in this work, represents a significant archetype in the world and in human existence, even today, and it was important to me that the viewers/listeners will identify with the texts and with what they seek to express. Thus, for example, topics such as fertility, power, motherhood, sexuality and eroticism, sacrifice, plague and war are represented within the poems.

All seven psalms were composed and performed by Talia Yona Kliger, after in-depth conversations we had about the myths and meanings inherent in them. 

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