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Lectures and interviews of Assi Meshullam and about his work.

Assi Meshullam is an Art Professor at the University of Haifa. His lectures range from art, art history, biblical studies, mythology and ritual. 

He gives lectures and workshops in many institutions such as museums, colleges and various private events.
To order a lecture, a class or a workshop, please go to the contact page.

Interview with Assi Meshullam by Gil Gayer and Matan Sharabi, in the podcast בדוק ומנוסה (two parts)

Assi Meshullam is reading the Allegory of the Stone of Wisdom, at the exhibition All the Gifts, at the Schechter Gallery, Tel Aviv


zoom gallery talk.jpg

Zoom gallery talk with Shira Friedman, curator of All the Gifts


Conversation with Shira Friedman, the curator of All the Gifts at the Schechter Gallery, Tel Aviv


Pandora's Box Interview with Yehuda Rahaniev, The First Social Radio, Tel Aviv


Tali Kayam & Assi Meshullam.jpg

Interview with Tali Kayam at Enav Center


Cannibalism in Assi Meshullam's work - Zoom lecture in the Institute for Israeli Art


Ro'achem and Jung's Job

Jonathan Hirschfeld about Assi Meshullam's work


Yehonatan Amir about Assi Meshullam's work


Gallery talk at the Janco Dada Museum


A visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil

(English & Portuguese)

A short monologue by Assi Meshullam


(Hebrew, English subtitles)

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