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The New Testament of the Order of the Unclean

In light of the new challenges humanity is facing, and in view of the growing desperation from political and social conducts worldwide, we believe that the human attitude towards nature and Earth must be changed dramatically, and that such changes must come from the most basic foundations of human beliefs. The heterosophic thought, therefore, offers a new theological approach to life, for a species that has obviously lost its way, both in faith and in the lack of it. 

Heterosophy offers a new approach to religion and paganism as a method for experiencing reality through the lense of mythical and metaphorical view, and without being dependent on any litteral and transcendental entities. Gods and goddesses are being taken metaphorically as personifications of various human and non-human faculties. The goal is to change some fundamental perceptions regarding humanity's place in the world, and to get rid of some very harmful, simplistic and naive beliefs about the world and the metaphysical reality.

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