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Assi Meshullam

Artist and lecturer, 

Art Professor in the University of Haifa.

BA in Fine Arts and Archaeology

MA in Biblical Studies

Born in Israel, 1975

Assi Meshullam is a contemporary, multidisciplinary visual artist whose works deal with questions of religion, ritual and myth, and the ways in which these are expressed in today's world.




2021    Rappaport Prize, The Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Foundation, Tel Aviv Museum.

2014    Prize in Art (Ministry of Culture) from the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

2012    Project Support, Rabinovich Foundation and Tel Aviv Municipality.

2010    Prize in Art (Idud Hayetsira) from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

2003    “Artist-Teacher” Project, Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport.

2002    “Young Artist” Prize from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport.

2001    “Yocheved Vidra” Award for a young artist, Haifa University.

2000    America-Israel Cultural Foundation’s scholarship.

2000    Scholarship for excellence in art studies, Haifa University.

1999    “Hecht” Award for young artists, Hecht Museum, Haifa.


Solo and Duo Exhibitions

2020    All the Gifts, Schechter Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Shira Friedman.

2020    Ghosts, (Duo with Itzu Rimmer), White House Gallery, Nir Oz, Israel.

2019    Temples of the Abyss, 1:1 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Guy Morag & Omer 


2015    Between Ethos and Mythos, (Duo with Jonathan Gold), Hecht Museum, Haifa, Israel. 

             Curated by Sorin Heller.

2015    Under Every Oak, Mane Katz Museum, Haifa, Israel. Curated by Svetlana Reingold.

2014    African Savage, Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2013    Klone & Meshullam, (Duo with Klone), Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2013    The Retrospective, Hazimmer Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2012    Baal Ha'Loa, Hahanut Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Rani Lavie.

2010    Lexicon of Principles, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2008    Iscariot, Julie M. Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2007    Pessel, Ramat Gan Museum, Ramat Gan,  Israel. Curated by Yehudit Matzkel.

2006    Tzahit Goldman & Assi Meshullam, (Duo), Julie M. Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2006    Rir, Peka Gallery, Technion Faculty for Architecture, Haifa,  Israel.

2005    Leprosy, Kabri Art Gallery, Kabri Kibbutz,  Israel. Curated by Drora Dekel.

2005    Rir, Lohamey Hageta'ot Art Gallery, L.H Kibbutz,  Israel.

2005    Rir, Julie M. Gallery, Tel-Aviv,  Israel.

2004    Familiar Anomaly, Gallery of Yizrael Valley College,  Israel.

2003    Chizbat, City Gallery for Art, Rehovot,  Israel. Curated by Ora Kraus.

2003    Amazonas, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod,  Israel. Curated by Raya Zommer.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022    Had Gadya - The Horror Cycle, Artists' House, Jerusalem. Curated by Sophia Dekel


2022    Lining of the Sublime, Old Jaffa Museum, Tel Aviv. Curated by students under the

             guidance of Tami Katz Freiman.

2022    Volta, Talvez em Casa?, Contemporao SP, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Curated Yiftach

             Peled & Dan Alon.

2022    Food Weave, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Drorit Gur Arie & Nira Itzhaki.

2022    Commandments & Things, The Kupferman Collection House, Lohamei Hagetaot.

             Idit Levavi Gabbai & Tamar Hurvitz Livne.

2022    Nega, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem. Curated by Alon Razgor.

2021    Post Plague, Maya Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Gilad Efrat & Ilai Rowner.

2021    Digging Down: Art of the Pre-Future, Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem. Curated by

             Shira Friedman.

2021    Mame-Loshn: Yiddish - Body - Language, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland. Curated by

             Drorit Gur-Arie & Tal Schwartz.

2021    Skein: New Acquisitions for the Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Israeli Art Collection, Tel 

             Aviv Museum. Curated by Dalit Matatyahu. Assistant Curator: Amit Shemma.

2021    Are there Prophets in their Hometown? Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery. Curated by

             Keren Weisshaus.

2021    Fairytales, Sapir Academic College, Sderot. Curated by Sally Haftel-Naveh.

2019    The Seer and the See, Azrieli  Gallery, Jerusalem. Curated by Tal Schwartz & Roie


2019    The Larva Society for Psychical Research, Artists’ House, Jerusalem. Curated by Tali

             Bin Nun & Sally Haftel-Naveh.

2019    Non Non Fiction, The Villa  Gallery, Jerusalem. 

2019    Zumu, Hatzor Haglilit.

2018    To Take Some Air, Yefe Nof Gallery, Haifa.

2018    A Good Head, The Farm Gallery, Holon. Curated by Guy Morag.

2018    Seven Rituals to Change the Mood, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Avi

             Lubin.Change the Mood, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2017    From a village you are and to a village you will return, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod.

             Curated by Raafat Hattab.

2016    Openning of the Red House, Red House Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2016    Group Exhibit, Artist' House, Tel Aviv.

2016    Isis Secrets, Pass-Port Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Liav Mizrahi.

2015    Local Pulse, Artists' House, Tel Aviv. Curated by Orly Hoffman.

2015    And the Winners Are..., Tel Aviv Museum for Art, Tel Aviv.

2015    Baggage, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin. Curated by Hagar Bril (Raban).

2014    Mazal U'Bracha, Beit Hatfutsot Museum, Tel Aviv. Curated by Carmit Blumensohn.

2014    Graven Image, The Russian Museum of Ethnography, Saint Petersburg. Curated by

             Dina Yakerson.

2014    Ov, Meshuna Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2013    Tattoos, Ben-Gurion University Art Gallery, Beer Sheva.

2013    In between, The Art Gallery, Nazareth. 

2013    To the edge, Ben-Gurion University Art Gallery, Beer Sheva.

2013    Lip Service, Hahava Gallery, Holon. Curated by Guy Morag.

2013    Hamangalistim, Hahava Gallery, Holon. Curated by Guy Morag.

2013    Cave, The Passage Gallery, Haifa University, Haifa.

2013    Sacred or Sacrilege?, The Open University Art Gallery, Raanana. Curated by Alec


2013    Like Animals, Artist's House Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Haim Maor.

2012    The Left Hand, Tel Aviv University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Menachem

             Goldenberg & Galili Shachar.

2012    Vermin, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Carmela Weiss.

2012    Kirya, Independent Art project, Tel Aviv.

2012    Play Me I'm Yours, Art project in the streets of Tel Aviv.

2012    Ash Layla, Jaffa streets, Jaffa. Curated by Dana Gilerman.

2012    Portraits of Cain, Ben-Gurion University Art Gallery, Beer Sheva.

2012    Good Intentions, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Ofra Harnam.

2011    Housework, Beeri Gallery, Beeri Kibutz.

2011    Holiness & Profane, City Gallery, Jerusalem.

2011    Life, Birth & Rebirth, Julie M. Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2011    Hilula, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2011    The Next Community, Haifa Museum, Haifa. Curated by Yeala Hazut.

2010    Voodoo Time, Minshar Gallery for Contemporary Art. Curated by Meital Raz.

2010    From Gutter to Glory, Shaphdan, Rishon Le'zion. Curated by Galia Yahav.

2009    Wild exaggeration, Haifa Museum, Haifa. Curated by Tami Katz Freiman.

2009    Young Israeli Art, Bremen Project – Part II,  Dolinger Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2009    Drama of Identities, Beth Hatefutsoth, Tel Aviv.

2009    X-File, Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2009    Look at Me,  Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2009    The End of It is Up Pyramid Gallery, Haifa.

2009    The Natural History Museum, Petach Tikva Museum for Contemporary Art. Curated

             by Revital Ben Asher Peretz.

2008    Neuse Sehen-Young Israeli Art, Städtische Galerie im Buntentor , Bremen & Vorwerk               - Centre for Contemporary Art , Syke, Germany

2008    Yelling At Your Environment,  Harrington Art Gallery, San Francisco,

             California, USA.

2008    The Big Territory,  Agora Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Sari Golan.

2007    Self Portrait,  Kabri Art Gallery, Kabri Kibbutz.

2007    In&Out, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007    Scar, Kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Maayan Shelef.

2007    Bellezza Pericolosa, Napoli Museum for Art, Italy.

2007    Dangerous Beauty, The Chelsea Art Museum, New-York, USA.

2006    Disruptions, Petach Tikva Museum for Contemporary Art, Petach-Tikva. Curated by

             Yehudit Matzkel.

2006    Sickness Report, The Art Gallery of Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva.

2006    Story Tellers, The Art Gallery of Haifa University, Haifa. Curated by Ruti Direktor.

2006    Faces, Pyramid Gallery for Contemporary Art, Haifa.

2006    Men, Museum for Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan. Curated by Sagi Refael.

2005    Whores, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curated by Doron Rabina.

2005    Julie M. Gallery. Tel Aviv. 

2004    Childhood Drawers, City Gallery for Art, Rehovot. Curated by Ora Kraus.

2002    Prizes in Art & Design from the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport, Helena

             Rubinstein Pavilion (Tel-Aviv Museum of Art), Tel-Aviv 

2002    Artic 4, Tel-Aviv University’s Gallery, Tel-Aviv 

2002    In Their Own Eyes, Julie M. Gallery. Tel Aviv. 

2001    Artic 3, Tel-Aviv University’s Gallery, Tel-Aviv. 

2001    Where Have the Grandpa disappear to?, Pyramid Gallery, Haifa. 

2001    Plaster, Pyramid Gallery, Haifa.

2001    The Art Department Graduates, Interim Gallery, Haifa University. 

2000    New Faces, The Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv. 

1999    Winners of “Hecht” Award for young artists, Hecht Museum, Haifa.

1999    P.Q – Prague Quadroanelle, Prague .


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