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Tips for Young Artists

1. Don't wait for inspiration, it never comes.
2. Be creative, but not too much.
3. Always ask "Why?"
4. The two fundamental questions of art: how to do the what, and what to do with the how.
5. If your work can be summed up in one sentence, it's not finished yet.
6. Remember that art is about addressing liminal states. An artwork without conflict is usually very uninteresting.
7. When writing a text about your work, never mention that it addresses liminal states, and try to avoid mentioning the word "conflict".
8. Be total. Push the boundaries and go all the way with your aesthetic stance.
9. Disruption is the artist's best friend.
10. Also humor. Especially self-humor.
11. Learn to improvise.
12. Remember that, among other things, art is always about art.
13. It is true that anything can be art, but not all art is good art.
14. Remember that art is a dialogue with a viewer/listener. Art will always have a recipient.
15. Think about your recipients, but don't over-consider them.
16. Art is a dialogue with the past, present and future.
17. Do not work in isolation from your predecessors - you must never stop learning.
18. Do not work in isolation from your surroundings - be alert to everything that happens around you.
19. Do not work alone, and don’t be ashamed to ask for advice - getting help from others or adopting ideas that are given to you, does not make your work any less yours.
20. Find yourself another field to delve into. Your art will only benefit from it.
21. Don't underestimate the power of social media to advance your career.
22. There is nothing that cannot be learned on the internet.
23. Build yourself a website.
24. Although it was not the case in the past, today the production of commercial products from your works is quite acceptable.
25. Before you set prices for your work, check the state of the market and the prices of other artists who share it with you.
26. When setting prices for your works, take the discount into account.
27. Even if you think you have no chance of winning, fill the application.
28. Don't be shy of anyone, but don't be a snooze.
29. If someone asks you for money to display your art, it's not your art that he’s interested in.
30. Make a record and document all your professional activities - you never know when you will need them.
31. People will delve into your work for the longest time if it hung in the toilet from all places. Don't underestimate any exhibiting space.
32. Don't underestimate your audience, and don't hide from them.
33. If you exhibit your work in a way that does not consider the space in which it is exhibited, it does not matter how good it may be.
34. Love your artworks, but don't fall in love with them.
35. Don't be afraid to throw away what you no longer need.
36. Don't take yourself too seriously, and don't hurt anyone for your art. Life comes before art.
37. The work did not end after the exhibition opened. Do not let your mood drop for more than a week.
38. Save the details of those who were interested in your works or purchased them.
39. It is true that tomorrow's newspaper will wrap fish the day after tomorrow, but Google is forever.
40. Don't underestimate criticism, but don't take it too hard. You don't want to be liked by everyone.

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